louraco research & consulting is a market reseach company, a marketing and communication consulting agency and a training organisation

Founded in 2015, the company produces ad’hoc and multi-client market research on one or several countries (France, Portugal,…), using qualitative and quantitative approaches and methodologies of documentary research.

We believe that kownledge is essential to make better decisions.

The firm also operates in entrepreneurship training and supports entrepreneurs in their marketing, sales and international development strategies. The training of entrepreneurs takes place face-to-face in Montparnasse – Paris, but also by videoconference or with a mix of these two formats. These training courses are intended for managers and future managers of new companies who wish to quickly gain entrepreneurial skills. They revolve around the firm’s areas of expertise, that is to say : market intelligence and market research, marketing strategy, operational marketing (communication, prospecting-negotiation and sales, price and offer) and international trade.

In order to satisfy its customers, the company also offers advertising creation services for social networks and other offline and online tools.

We train and accompany future entrepreneurs.

In the field of training, Louraco Research & Consulting also works with various renowed clients in their own activities, such as BGE ADIL and Coopetic (support and training of new entrepreneurs) or AFPA and CTI (international trade).

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