Louraco research & consulting trains and accompanies small business entrepreneurs

The company trains and accompanies small business entrepreneurs that are already active or that have an ongoing process of activity creation or a project to create a business in the short term.

Training courses, which aims to improve entrepreneurs skills, take place in Montparnasse – Paris (France), but also by visioconference or with a mixture of these two formats.

The themes revolve around the company’s areas of activity, namely :

  • Market research,
  • Marketing-communication strategy,
  • Operational marketing (comunication, prospecting-negotiation-sales, price and offer),
  • International trade.

The company accompanies this same audience in the areas of marketing, sales, communication and international development. This follow-up takes de form of :

  • Customised individual training,
  • Elaboration of marketing, sales and communication strategies,
  • Communication audits,
  • Comercial balance,
  • Business plan writing,
  • Advices,

This monitoring is completed by several services in the area of communication : offline and online advertising creation (example : ads for social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,…), creation and management of digital tools and supports (example : Google My Business page,…).

In the area of training, Louraco Research & Consulting also works with several renowned French clients in their respective areas of activity, such as : BGE ADIL and Coopetic (support and training of business creators) or AFPA and CTI (training bodies specialised in reconversion of international trade professionals).

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