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Areas of Expertise

Louraco Research & Consulting produces syndicated and ad hoc studies in one or several countries. The firm provides market and consumer research through qualitative, quantitative and sectorial approaches.

The company also offers insights on major market trends and a portfolio of marketing support tools (prices and new product development tracking tools, prospecting files,…) allowing to better understand and monitor the different strategies implemented by several players in a specific market.

The main industries covered are :

  • Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks (soft and hot drinks),
  • Apparel, personal accessories, beauty personal care and luxury,
  • Consumer electronics, toys and games,
  • Consumer finance,
  • Consumer foodservice and retailing,
  • Consumer health, eyewear and optical goods stores,
  • Household care and paper products,
  • Packaged food,
  • Pet.

The Managing Director

Catherine Louraco has a strong background in market research project management and a long career as country analyst.

She worked with qualitative and quantitative French market research companies and famous international marketing intelligence firms. She is also used to conduct research directly for private companies.

Catherine Louraco is graduated with a Master’s degree in Marketing. She speaks French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

She will be responsible for all stages of your market research project and your main contact during all the production and delivery process.

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